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Frequently Asked Questions


Can more than 4 people play Celebrity - Race to the A-List?

Absolutely, however please note, that the more players, the longer you have to wait for your turn :-).

Please contact us if you wish to buy extra tokens and playing pieces.


How long is shipping and handling?

As our game is Australian made, it may take a while to reach other countries.

Australia Wide - Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery.

International Airmail - Please allow up to 4 weeks delivery.

International Seamail - Please allow up to 12 weeks delivery.

Please contact us if you have not received your item by the maximum time.


Is pick up available?

At the moment we sell online only, however pick up from stores may be available in the future.


Can I order replacement parts?

Send us an email with the part you wish to replace.


How do I sell my game through your site?

Please contact us on


What payment do you accept?

At this stage we only accept Paypal. If you are unable to use Paypal, please contact us to find an alternative payment method.


Do you sell to retailers?

Yes, please contact our sales department. Email:


I would like to send you a photo / video for your Facebook/Youtube pages, how do I do this?

Send us an email with the file as an attachment. (Please don't send files over 5mb).



I found an error in one of your cards, what do I do?

Please let us know so we can fix the card. Your feedback is important to us.

Please email us at


Do you have Celebrity - Race to the A-List in other languages?

At the moment the game is only in English, however in the future we may have the game translated for other languages.


Can any changes be made with the Bachelorette Party Kit and New Parent Survival Kit?

As these products are individually made we are able to modify some parts. Please contact us to find out.


A-List celebrities that wish to endorse Celebrity - Race To The A-List board game

and have their name featured in future card packs please contact us. We would love to have you on board :)


Any other questions please email us at:



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